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We are Minomic

We're developing an exciting new, non-invasive test for Prostate Cancer by detecting a
protein that is present in cancer cells. It's shaping up to be more effective than
existing tests and is almost ready for prime time.

The problemExisting tests for prostate cancer are unreliable.

3 in 5 results are false positives

There are approximately 14 different PSA tests in use today. They all have a common problem in that elevated PSA levels — which these tests measure — can result from causes other than cancer. This means that 3 in 5 men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer are false positives.

  • Overdiagnosis

    A product of inaccuracy, overdiagnosis results in many avoidable biopsies, tests and treatments. The costs to the patient and the system add up.

  • Too many false positives

    A false positive can be a deeply traumatic experience. Fortunately these can be largely avoided with more accurate diagnostics.

  • Unpleasant or painful testing procedures

    Digital rectal examinations and biopsies can be significant barriers to testing for those at risk.

  • Better diagnostic
  • More accurate
  • Fewer false positives
  • Non-invasive

The solutionOur diagnostic test is more accurate than a PSA test and requires only a blood or urine sample.

  • Sensitivity
    Minomic 71%
    PSA 81%
  • Specificity
    Minomic 73%
    PSA 40%

The Minomic Test is quick, non-invasive and will be performed in standard pathology labs. Those who need treatment will get it sooner, and those who don't need not suffer the trauma of false positives, nor add costs to the system. Ultimately, we believe that more lives can be saved.

And it's almost ready to go…

The Minomic Test is in the late development stage

  • Technology
  • Proof of Principle
  • Proof of Concept
  • Regulatory
    Framework and