MiCheck® Test

We have developed a prostate cancer blood test called MiCheck®. A series of clinical trials have shown it has superior specificity compared to prostate cancer blood tests that are available today.

MiCheck® fills the need for a test to assist physicians to decide whether or not a patient should proceed to a prostate biopsy following a high PSA reading.

  • More specific than a PSA test – so a urologist can tell if a biopsy is really needed.
  • Patients and their physicians will have confidence about what to do next.
  • Patients who should get treatment for prostate cancer will get it sooner, and men whose MiCheck® results are negative can be monitored regularly.
That means:

  • Fewer invasive tests – better for patients
  • Lower healthcare costs – better for healthcare budgets and insurers
  • More targeted testing– better for urologists and patients due to less patient anxiety, more efficient patient care, fewer infection risks

We are currently undertaking a US-based trial prior to its market launch.





Miltuximab® for Therapeutic & Imaging Applications

Our patented antibodies target Glypican-1 (GPC-1), a protein overexpressed in prostate, pancreatic, bladder, esophageal and other solid tumors.
We are examining multiple mechanisms of action including:

  • Radio immunotherapy
  • Antibody drug conjugates
  • Immune cell engagement and activation

We have completed a first in-human trial using Miltuximab®, our anti-GPC-1 monoclonal antibody (ANZCTR registry).

In October 2016 Minomic announced the start of our first in-human trial using Miltuximab® conjugated to the radioactive isotope 67Gallium. We have now completed our trial, dosing 12 patients, with no drug-related adverse events whatsoever.

A Decade of Achievements



Minomic formed to pursue opportunity in biomarkers based on MIL-38 monoclonal antibody



Showed antibody binding to prostate cancer cells



Received Venture Capital funding for commercialization



Clinical validation studies for MiCheck® commenced


Awarded Accelerating Commercialization grant to further product development


Commenced First-in-Human trial of Miltuximab®


Commenced MiCheck® Prospective Trial

2015 Eureka Prize

Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

Major Australian prize for innovation awarded to our CEO, Brad Walsh, and university collaborators.

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