MiCheck® Prostate

MiCheck® Prostate LDT is intended for use as an aid to clinicians in the decision to proceed to prostate biopsy in patients with an abnormal PSA.

  • MiCheck® Prostate provides an estimate of the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.
  • MiCheck® Prostate has demonstrated the ability to differentiate aggressive from non-aggressive cancer and no cancer.
  • MiCheck® Prostate demonstrates a compelling advantage in specificity over existing products, outperforming the benchmark PSA test as well as other tests such as % free PSA and the Prostate Health Index (PHI) in a head-to-head comparison.
  • The lack of specificity of other tests has led to criticism due to the resulting unnecessary biopsies. MiCheck® Prostate helps fill this substantial unmet clinical need by allowing a reduction in number of biopsies while minimising the risk of missing out aggressive prostate cancer cases.
MiCheck® Prostate also offers:
Ease of use – blood collection made at the same time as the blood draw for a PSA test.
No interruption to the clinician’s current workflow.
Clear clinical utility – single page well-defined report to help the clinician determine whether the patient needs a biopsy or future follow-up in the coming months.
Timely delivery of results – ready for the patient’s next visit to the clinician.
Dominant health economics in comparison to standard of care.
✔ Early availability as a LDT through a CLIA certified high complexity laboratory.




Laboratory Developed MiCheck® Prostate Cancer Test Roll-out



MiCheck® Pancreatic Cancer Study Commenced



Completed MiCheck® Prostate Cancer Prospective Trial



Awarded Accelerating Commercialization Grant to Further Product Development



Clinical Validation Studies for MiCheck® Prostate Cancer Commenced



Received Venture Capital Funding for Commercialization



Showed Antibody Binding to Prostate Cancer Cells



Minomic Formed to Pursue Opportunity in Biomarkers Based on MIL-38 Monoclonal Antibody

2015 Eureka Prize

Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

Major Australian prize for innovation awarded to our CEO, Brad Walsh, and university collaborators.

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