Minomic International Ltd (Minomic) is pleased to report publication of our back-to-back papers covering the recent MiCheck® prospective trial in the journal Urologic Oncology. The two papers, “A comparison of prostate health index, total PSA, %free PSA, and proPSA in a contemporary US population—The MiCheck-01 prospective Trial” and “Development and evaluation of the MiCheck® test for aggressive prostate cancer” discuss the design of a contemporary US trial and detail the trial results confirming superior performance of MiCheck® Prostate in differentiating aggressive prostate cancer (GS ≥ 7) from non-aggressive prostate cancer (GS ≤ 6) and no cancer.

The company is also pleased to announce the MiCheck® test has been renamed MiCheck® Prostate. The new name recognises that a number of other diagnostic tests are currently in Minomic’s development pipeline.

MiCheck® Prostate has been developed to address clinician’s demand for a simple blood test having both a high sensitivity at identifying aggressive prostate cancer and a corresponding high level of specificity to better assist them and their patients to decide on whether to proceed to a prostate biopsy. The results of the prospective trial have confirmed MiCheck® Prostate will fulfil this need by identifying a significant number of patients for whom unnecessary biopsies can be avoided.