At Minomic, we are proud to be part of the NSW Going Global Export Program, a NSW Government funded export assistance package, designed to boost NSW exports and unlock international markets for sustainable businesses following the impacts of COVID-19, the bushfires and drought.

The Going Global Export Program initiative will enable Minomic to deepen its business opportunities within China and other international markets to ensure that our world-class MiCheck® Prostate technology is accessible to patients at risk of suffering from aggressive prostate cancer.

“Minomic International Ltd is excited to take up the challenge to become an exporter when no more than 3% of NSW small and medium sized businesses currently export. Minomic is looking forward to collaborating with NSW Treasury. We are thankful for their focused support in promoting the MiCheck® Prostate test. Our test fills a substantial unmet clinical need allowing reduced biopsy numbers while also minimising the risk of missing aggressive prostate cancers, globally”, said Minomic’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Brad Walsh.

The Going Global Export Program is built specifically for businesses to expand internationally and to minimise barriers for potential exporters by providing targeted events and workshops, coaching and assistance, business matching and introductions to new international customers and decision makers.

It will enhance Minomic’s skills, knowledge and connections, strengthening the platform for the implementation of the MiCheck® Prostate test to assist urologists in deciding on medical management strategies for prostate cancer suffers.