We are delighted to report positive results from our collaborative research evaluating Minomic’s GPC-1 antibody for the detection of pancreatic cancer (one of the deadliest cancers) in collaboration with BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd EXO-NET exosome capture technology.

Minomic’s GPC-1 antibody specifically binds EXO-NET isolated exosomes from pancreatic cancer but not healthy exosomes demonstrating a feasible approach for pancreatic cancer detection. You can read the ASX release from BARD1 here: https://clients3.weblink.com.au/pdf/BD1/02353893.pdf

We continue with the roll-out of our MiCheck® Prostate test in Australia having piloted patient testing at Macquarie University Hospital Urology Clinic. We are also well progressed with our US roll-out plans.